Carla Kelley Consulting

About Carla

Carla Kelley is a human rights educator who has has 20 years of experience as an educator, trainer and facilitator in addressing implicit biases and lack of acceptance of others. She is a paradigm pioneer as she teaches that we all have a responsibility to continually challenge our personal perceptions and assumptions of others as to create new ways of building respectful relationships. Carla is a consultant, facilitator and public speaker who uses participatory leadership methodologies that evoke the collective intelligence of the group.*

The heart of her workreveals what unites us rather than divides us.Not only do Carla’s teachings remain with you but her passion for equality and justice inspire and empower us to become better human beings. She has facilitated and presented in many professional settings that include businesses, nonprofits, healthcare and educational organizations. She has experience in working with all age groups.

Carla is the proud mother of an openly gay son and grandson. She has seen first-hand how issues such as racism and homophobia have contributed to ravaging discrimination and violence in our world.


*Participatory and conversational processes are simple methods that evokes and makes visible the collective intelligence of a group in pursuit of common aims. These learning modalities are commonly recognized as The Art of Hosting, World Café, Appreciative Inquiry and/or Open Space Technology.

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“Carla offers a compelling perspective on the importance of recognizing, experiencing and appreciating the diverse cultures, races, religions, life styles, family structures, etc. that make up our communities. The passion Carla has for her work is evident in the energy she puts into everything she does. Her energies and efforts in reinforcing the importance of our common humanity while underscoring the value of each person as a unique individual have been an invaluable contribution to our local communities.”

— Jennifer Newell, Department of Educational Equity, Salt Lake City School District


Carla says about herself:

“I am a facilitator and host of conversations that matter. I am also a practitioner and teacher. I am a student, as I have learned that what you are teaching teaches you!

In my work and life I am dedicated to what is possible when groups of people use powerful conversations to explore our common humanity. I use participative and conversational methods where every voice is valued.”

Awards & Accomplishments

  • USA Network, Characters Unite Award 2014

  • Civic Ventures Purpose Prize Fellowship, 2011

  • Soroptimis Making a Difference Award 2009

  • Wasatch Woman Magazine Catalyst for Caring Award 2009

  • University of Utah Pete Suazo Social Justice Award, 2009

  • Utah Women’s Achievement Award in 2007

In 2015 Carla was appointed to The State of Utah Multicultural Commission to be a member of The Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission.

Carla Kelley Has been invited by The United States Department of State, to facilitate discussions and share teaching tolerance curriculums with international visitors.

She is a previous commission member of The Salt Lake County Commission of Diversity Affairs.