Carla Kelley Consulting

Our Mission:

Fostering Empathy & Inclusion

Facilitator and human rights educator Carla Kelley offers workshops & retreats to foster empathy, inclusivity and acceptance, helping people to connect to the core values of our common humanity through shared conversations and dialogue. Carla is a skilled designer of participatory gatherings using conversational methods that invoke thoughtful change. She specializes in customizing conversations that spark new ways of thinking and working together.


Connecting Our Humanity

Our mission is to promote respect, kindness, compassion, empathy and inclusion in your workplace and/or community. Every gathering place, from the office to schools and community centers has the responsibility to foster and sustain an inclusive and accepting environment. Our trainings create a shared creative vision for honoring and respecting diverse perspectives and beliefs. We offer training programs to connect to the core values of our common humanity through shared conversations and dialogue.

Our Training Topics Include

  • Training people to lead discussions about vital issues and ideas across differing beliefs, perspectives and backgrounds. (Train the Trainer)

  • Implicit Bias Training

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Competency

  • Character, values and human rights education for youth

  • Connecting to our common humanity

We provide strategic leadership trainings/workshops for nonprofit and community organizations, health-care providers, businesses, and faith-based organizations. We teach collaborative leadership styles that reveal the collective wisdom of the participants.

Our training formats are workshops, conference break-out sessions, retreats, classrooms, panel discussions and speaking engagements. Our costs are very reasonable and negotiable. Contact us today to discuss your interest in this important work.


About Carla

Carla Kelley is an educator, trainer and facilitator of meaningful conversations that build healthy and respectful relationships. She has 20 years of experience in custom designing, facilitating and hosting participatory workshops, seminars, retreats and classroom curriculum that seek and celebrate both our similarities and differences. At the heart of her work is the search for what unites rather than what divides us.

Not only do Carla’s teachings remain with you, but her passion for equality and justice inspire and empower us to become better human beings.

She has facilitated and presented in many professional settings that include businesses, nonprofits, healthcare and educational organizations.

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“In our current environment, where positions seemed to be getting more and more entrenched, the exercise you led helped break down walls. Our company is better for the education you brought to the leadership team.”

Thomas Risse, Chief Financial Officer, Select Health / Read Full Testimonial



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We offer a number of services that work with both youth and adults, and can be custom tailored to your needs. Please reach out and contact us if you have any questions or to sign up for one of our trainings. We look forward to helping you!